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Iron Carbide

Iron carbide is the highest quality iron feed for steelmaking.

Iron carbide is a dense, heavy, granular compound composed of iron and carbon. Its chemical formula is Fe3C. Its appearance is similar to black sugar, and its properties are highly favorable for steelmaking.

The Benefits of Iron Carbide

Iron carbide is a premium feed for electric arc furnaces (EAFs), where its clean iron units and its unsurpassed ability to remove nitrogen and hydrogen are highly valued.

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Because iron carbide is granular, it is easy to continuously feed to EAFs without interrupting operations. Iron carbide dissolves instantly in hot metal, and because of the energy stored in it structure, iron carbide lowers power consumption in EAFs.

Iron carbide is the most environmentally advanced DRI process, producing only water and low levels of carbon dioxide. Virgin steel produced with iron carbide generates the lowest carbon emission of any technology. The carbon dioxide generated by the process is highly concentrated and thus is available for secondary oil recovery and other beneficial uses.

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International Iron Carbide (IIC)

IIC provides the only manufacturing technology for producing iron carbide powder. Our quest is to help you produce the highest quality steel, at the lowest cost, and with the lowest impact on the environment.

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Estimate Capital and Operating Cost

IIC plants can be built rapidly and inexpensively, and they can be operated safely and efficiently. After a long history of process development, iron carbide is poised to rapidly transform EAF steelmaking.

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